Wednesday, April 3, 2013

9 yards of beautiful and 1 pair of shorts!

 My beautiful daughter fell in love with this fabric at our LQS, Creative Hands.  It was on clearance for just over 2 dollars per yard. She bought all 9 yards!  Now, my daughter lives in another era of times gone by. All things vintage........

First project?  A pair of high waisted shorts loosely following this tutorial from Cotton & Curls

I can't decide which is more adorable, the shorts or my little peanut! Just kidding, it is of course my peanut, by far.
 She is such a cute model!  I added belt loops and a long tie belt so that she can use different options.

Close up of the shorts.  I love the finished product for the most part, but I plan to make a few changes in the construction technique on the next pair.  I found using a rectangle insert for the crotch to be quite difficult and awkward. I much prefer a traditional construction method, but must confess this way does save on the amount of fabric needed. We used 1 yard!


  1. Terrific! I've not heard of using the rectangle insert, but if you got all of that from one yard, it did save on fabric. :)

  2. What cute shorts and to use only 1 yard! I think that is about the same amount which was needed when my girls were young and liked the boxer type shorts. These are much cuter though!